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Black Mass Appeal: Modern Satanism for the Masses

Mar 31, 2020

Fundamentalist cartoonist Jack Chick’s religious comics are seen but not necessarily enjoyed all over the world -- including by many atheists and Satanists, who find his ideas dismal... but still can’t help but get a kick out of Chick. To help us plumb that perverse appeal, we have Hannah from the YouTube channel...

Mar 17, 2020

To question is the essence of Satanism, so who are we to leave a question unanswered? We opened up our inbox so that all of our Unfaithful Listeners could ask their eternally burning questions, and we’ve got answers straight from Satan’s lips to your ears. It's time for another BMA AMA!

Mar 3, 2020

Sometimes you’ve just got to love the sinner and the sin, so we’re dedicating this show to the memories of Satanic Bay Area’s beloved Patron Sinners, those iconic iconoclasts who, in our opinion, represented the greatest Satanic values of their time -- for all time.