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Black Mass Appeal: Modern Satanism for the Masses

Dec 21, 2021

Everyone knows Satan is a fallen angel, but how many of us know what that really means or where the idea comes from? In this season when you might see an angel on every corner, we’re joined by some of the Alchemical Actors of the podcast Occult Confessions to help us raise some of our own holiday spirits.



Dec 7, 2021

Is The Exorcist a Christmas movie? Well, not quite: Director William Friedkin’s possession thriller opened the day AFTER Christmas, December 26, 1973, and has been turning heads ever since. Rachel from the horror podcast Zombie Grrlz joins us again to help muck out the one major seasonal Satanic classic film...

Nov 16, 2021

In 1891, French popular author JK Huysmans scandalized the public with his novel La-Bas, a sultry and sleazy story surveying sex, shame, and Satanism. What inspired him to delve into such outrageous material -- and why did so many people take him seriously?



Nov 2, 2021

In the mysterious annals of Satanism, you still sometimes hear whispers of England’s infamous Hellfire Clubs, where the rich and powerful gathered to worship the devil... or at least, that was the gossip at the time. In reality, the only spirits most of the clubs invoked were the fermented kind. Joining us is Slava of...

Oct 19, 2021

It’s almost Halloween again, and we’re positively panting for some sinful seasonal content. Here to chat with us about the hairy history of Satanic werewolf myths is artist Holly M Crawford, of the Nomadic Werewolf Museum.