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Black Mass Appeal: Modern Satanism for the Masses

Jun 29, 2021

The devil has many names and many faces, but which one truly inspires our lack of faith? We’re pitting standout Satans head-to-head and horn-to-horn in our playoff-style Satan Bowl to crown the most enlightened Prince of Darkness. Plus, to celebrate our sin-tennial, we open the show with a complete Black Mass!



Jun 15, 2021

When religion intersects with disability, most religions fall short, so we’re examining how Modern Satanists can make our religious spaces more welcoming for everyone.



Jun 1, 2021

When we imagine the devil, he often takes the form of an animal, like the snakes or goats we’ve talked about in previous episodes. But when it comes to a devilish temperament, no animal is quite so naturally Luciferian as the common housecat. Here to chat about those times when a cat has crossed the devil’s path and...