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Black Mass Appeal: Modern Satanism for the Masses

May 24, 2022

We’re hitting rewind on one of our favorite movies to re-live deliciously. Also, Satanic Bay Area is once again being crafty, and in the news, Bay Area exorcists are confronting their own worse angels.

CONTENT WARNING: The news section is a heavy one, dealing with child abuse and child death. If you'd prefer to skip...

May 10, 2022

Everyone remembers their first sleepover seance in grade school, with the help of the Parker Bros’-owned ‘oracle’: the Ouija board. But why are so many people so scared of a party game? We're making contact with the Talking Board Historical Society for more on the old Beelze-Board.



Apr 26, 2022

When we see Satanists and Satanism in media, it’s always the same story: Black cloaks, human sacrifices, and not a lot of authenticity. Today, we’ve singled out some of our favorite fictional works and characters that portray our real Satanic values -– even though none of these are actually supposed to...

Apr 12, 2022

In 1974, Dungeons & Dragons rolled into stores all across America. And without knowing it, the game stirred up some real demons in our culture. Because our Patreon backers demanded it, we’ve got the critical history of demons and devils in D&D, and to help us with these encounters, we’re joined by Dekan...

Mar 29, 2022

Everyone loves a horny devil, and who better than the succubus, the unholy femme fatale of both ancient legend and modern popular culture? But where does this myth come from? Julie Jelinek of the International Vampire Film & Arts Festival joins us as we get to the bottom - or top? - of the question.