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Black Mass Appeal: Modern Satanism for the Masses

Mar 29, 2022

Everyone loves a horny devil, and who better than the succubus, the unholy femme fatale of both ancient legend and modern popular culture? But where does this myth come from? Julie Jelinek of the International Vampire Film & Arts Festival joins us as we get to the bottom - or top? - of the question.



Mar 15, 2022

Steve Hill is a Satanist, a comedian, a veteran, an atheist, an appraiser, and if he has his way, a Congressman, and he’s here to talk about his Satan 4 Congress campaign.



Mar 1, 2022

Welcome (back) to FaustFest! The devil has all the best tunes, so we're borrowing some more of them for our second annual, all-virtual Satanic music festival. You can watch the video, immediately on YouTube at the links below, you can download the audio podcast version of the show in your regular podcast feed, or you...