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Black Mass Appeal: Modern Satanism for the Masses

Dec 25, 2020

Happy whatever-it-is-you-celebrate, unfaithful listeners! Today, we have a bonus show for you: an audio drama written and directed by Satanic Bay Area member Jane Thomas. (You'll remember her from episode 14, "Satan on the Silver Screen," and episode 47, "Lilith's Fare," as well as the opening play from SBA's Hell-O-Ween celebration in 2019.) Enjoy this sun Satanic retelling of a holiday classic -- but first, a word from the author...

"This is a loyal adaptation of Dickens’ original text. Seriously, I feel strongly about the continuation of traditions, and our Satanic principles are the most important traditions of all. I think Dickens would be on our side in modern society. This is a serious, academic exercise and in no way an excuse to make booby jokes and beat up on Christians. Look, there will be anti-capitalist and pro-queer material in this drama. Just like Dickens would have wanted."